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New Release From Chris Standring, “Simple Things”



Standring’s “Simple Things” is his 14th CD release and reflects on his recent personal experience.

SIMPLE THINGS will be available on CD, vinyl and digitally everywhere on May 20, 2022. 

Sometimes it takes a potentially life altering event to make you stop and re-evaluate what is truly important to you. In March 2021, guitarist, composer, and arranger Chris Standring found himself in the emergency room after experiencing chest pains. He was having a heart attack. 

On his newest release, SIMPLE THINGS, Standring reflects on his recent experience and his new and intimate awareness of the fragility of life. Standring relates, “We have all heard cliches like ‘who knows what tomorrow may bring’ and ‘don’t forget to stop and smell the roses,’ but we usually don’t take those old aphorisms to heart. To suddenly come face to face with my own mortality made me think about what is really important to me and how I want to live out my third act. Ultimately the answer came down to a just few basic things – spending time with loved ones, being present in the moment, and doing things with joy. Indeed, the theme of this album is joy, positivity, hope, and, because I’m a sucker for a beautiful melody, a little sadness as well.” 

CHRIS STANDRING guitar, keyboards, programming 



RODNEY LEE keyboards (6,10) 

GARY MEEK sax (10) 

KEVIN AXT bass (4) 

Arranged & Produced by CHRIS STANDRING 

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