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How A Very Dedicated Guitarist Created A Comprehensive Study of Allan Holdsworth



JGT’s Bob Bakert talks to guitarist John Vullo about how and why he created a comprehensive study of Allan Holdsworth’s improvisational ideas, patterns, scales, charts and tunings.

Very few musicians on any instrument truly cut a new path… You can find traces and footprints of the people that inspired them in their music, but not Allan Holdsworth.  Allan Holdsworth was as unique as a musician can get while still employing the 12 key system. His influence on so many virtuoso guitarists is unparalleled. He created, his own musical language that drew from so many aspects of sound that the study of his style is not, “for small dogs and children”…  The undertaking of guitarist John Vullo to transcribe hours or of his recorded solos is Herculean.  Dive in at your own risk, the rewards are a true musical mind-opening experience, the risk is hours and/or days of frustration. While we hope for you the former, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Check out John Vullo’s comprehensive study of Allan Holdsworth on YouTube

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