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Robert KeBler’s New Album Delves Into The Little Things And People That Bring Color To Our Lives



Harnessing the warm sound of a 1963 Gibson ES-175, Robert Keßler’s ‘Little People’ is a collection of original compositions and arrangements of standard repertoire.

Keßler’s compositional style is thoughtful, familiar and warm, driven by love for the guitar and an acute understanding of the instrument’s rich musical history, as well as a desire to share cherished pieces of himself with his listeners. 

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the work is the authenticity with which Keßler shifts between genres and soundworlds. From virtuosic contemporary jazz reminiscent of New York’s Jonathan Kreisberg, Americana-tinged acoustic fingerpicking, bluesy guitar-led ballads, what unites the record is Keßler’s personality and devotion to the music. In his own words, “it’s always about the song. Music doesn’t need an ego”.

Alongside Andreas Henze on bass and Tobias Backhaus on drums, the ensemble exhibit masterful levels of maturity, modesty and spirituality that are sure to capture any careful listener’s attention.

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