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An Inside Look: Collection Of Guitars From Luthier Linda Manzer



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Ted Ludwig gives us a tour of some of Linda Manzer’s pieces from the Archtop Foundation, including an old favorite: “Wildwood”, the guitar that started Ted on his way to being a Manzer artist.

Linda Manzer is a Canadian luthier out of Toronto who is at the very top of her game. While best known for creating a 42 string guitar for Pat Metheny and other one-off custom showstoppers, Linda’s body of work spans every genre of guitar–acoustic and electric archtops, steel string flattops, classical nylon string instruments, sitars, conceptual art pieces, the works.

More of her can be found on her website. Alternatively, a collection of videos of her guitars can be found in a Facebook group, being played by the likes of Pat Metheny, Julian Lage, Ted Ludwig, Tim Lerch, Paul Asbell, Tony McManus, Doug Macaskill, Brian Truesby, Stephen Fearing, Henrik Anderson and Al Petteway.

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