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Guitarist Molly Miller On Harmony, Melody, Dynamics And Time



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In this video podcast, Dr. Molly Miller talks to JGT’s Bob Bakert about what inspires her playing and what’s been keeping her busy…very busy.

Since Dr. Molly Miller picked up a guitar at age seven, she’s been captivating audiences with her sophisticated and raw style. She’s one of Los Angeles’s most sought-after musicians, recording and touring with artists such as Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas, Donna Missal, and Morgxn, at venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Royal Albert Hall, and Coachella.

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Above photo credit Anna Azarov

Excerpt from video interview

JGT: There’s the other thing about your playing…you always know where the melody is when you listened to you play.

MM: For me, the brain is an insane thing. There’s so much going on at once. But sure, whenever I’m playing, the melodies are there in the song when I’m improvising – wherever exist in my brain. And then there’s definitely another melody getting created on top of that – being informed by the melody of the song.

JGT: So where does this approach come from?

MM: I think it’s the music that resonates with me. I’m into a wide variety of genres, people, and players. It’s the people who I’m drawn towards. I feel, hopefully, ideally, just like an amalgamation of them. All the different things that I love is what I try to take on and put out – and it has a mix of those people. That’s what I am, because I grew up playing music. My brother’s a drummer too. So I think I’m always into something that needs to feel good. It’s like the pyramid of music, time and tone, and melody. I say melody is king or queen, it’s the biggest part of the pie. There’s a lot of other things that inform it – but I think of this musical pyramid. 

MM: I’m drawn towards people that tell stories that are playful. They bring you in so that you want more. That’s why a lot of my songs are kind of short. When I have my trio with Jen and Jay, we are on the same page of creating a story. Much like old records when they only had a couple of minutes to say something and that was really enough time. I spent a lot of time studying jazz. For me, there was something so thoughtless about going to gigs, (which I still do sometimes) and say, let’s play a tune, I’ll play the melody. I take a solo, you take a solo, you just we’ll trade fours. And that’s the end of the song. No that’s not the song. That’s just like wanking over a song. A song is like the story – with or without lyrics. What’s the intent and how do you express it?  So, yeah, that’s what I think of the thought processes.

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