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Steve Howe Talks About ‘Roundabout’



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The iconic Yes guitarist Steve Howe talks to Jazz Guitar Today about ‘Roundabout’ and the album Fragile.

Steve Howe: “Well, one of the things that really opened that up was it was the first time I said, “I think I’ll play some of this on an acoustic guitar”. Normally, the acoustic guitar strums in the background and adds that wonderful depth to the sound or you play on your own. But basically, I was kind of replacing my 175 or as it was at that time, the ES-5 Switchmaster. I kind of took that out in the frame and put the folk guitar, the Martin 0018, out in the front. I thought, wow, this is risky… I don’t know that anybody will know who it is playing because I could start to feel my electric playing had a certain style, but never had I stuck my neck out so much as to have Bruford, Squire, Rick Wakeman, Jon Anderson all playing, and all I’m doing is playing the acoustic guitar. Yeah. It was adventurous and the risk paid off.”

If you haven’t heard this classic album for awhile, you should definitely give it a listen. Great guitar work – along other things

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