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New Release From The Dario Napoli Trio, Gypsy Nights



“Gypsy Nights”, eleven original instrumental tracks from Dario Napoli, the leader of “Dario Napoli Trio”. 

Many selections feature Dario’s Django-influenced acoustic guitar leads, tastefully accompanied by solid, creative rhythm guitar passages from Tommaso Papini.  The bottom end is driven by bass guitar virtuoso Tonino De Sensi.  Equally adept on fretless and fretted instruments, Tonino bathes each track with either percussive authority or ethereal, floating tones, always enhancing but not overpowering the other instruments.  Together, their music is at once fluid and tightly knit. 

Available on Blue Night Records

This is not just another gypsy jazz recording.  From the contemporary jazz intro of the first track to the melodic, modern rubato guitar solo of the last, this new outing gives a respectful nod to Django Reinhardt while tastefully infusing a more contemporary approach to interpreting gypsy-influenced tunes. 

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