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New Dave Stryker Release, “Prime”



Fresh off their summer tour opening for Steely Dan, Dave Stryker releases Prime – the first recording featuring his working trio.

Release date: February 3, 2023

Along with Jared Gold on organ and McClenty Hunter on drums, Stryker offers eight new compositions and the beautiful standard “I Should Care.” From the burning title track “Prime” to songs penned for his first boss Jack McDuff (“Captain Jack” and “Dude’s Lounge”) as well as “Mac” for his drummer and the original trio versions of “Hope” and “As We Were” from Stryker’s last album As We Are, Prime grooves from start to finish with the precision of a trio that has been road-tested for the last 12 years. 

Dave Stryker “In October of 2020 my long-standing trio of organist Jared Gold and drummer McClenty Hunter was booked to play a concert out of town. Due to the pandemic, in lieu of traveling, we were given the opportunity to tape a show that could be streamed by the venue. Inspired by getting the chance to play together again after eight months in lockdown and knowing we would be in the studio, I was motivated to write an album of new music—my first featuring this trio exclusively. I decided we would record live in the studio with just one take per song and no overdubbing. The connection, interplay, and fire of the group was captured on that day and we’re happy to now share with you the music of our trio in its Prime.” 

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