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Watch Larry Carlton Demo His Signature Sire L7V Electric Guitar



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Legendary session guitarist Larry Carlton worked with Sire to create the Sire L7V, a workhorse solid-body electric guitar that excels in the studio and onstage.

Sire’s Larry Carlton L7V electric guitar is built to match the exacting standards of its legendary namesake, providing you with top-end tonal tools ready to take on both the stage and studio!

This instrument begins with a traditional maple-topped mahogany construction to deliver a rich sonic foundation that simply sings with sustain. Next, the mahogany neck takes a bit of a turn from the classic specs of its predecessors, instead opting for the dark and elegant feel of a beautiful ebony fingerboard. Two LC Vintage P-90s provide a clear, mid-heavy tone with a thumping bass response — they’re an excellent alternative for players looking for a slightly more vintage-style tone than your typical humbucker. Finally, the L7V is bookended by the exceptionally stable combo of a Tune-o-matic tailpiece and Sire’s Premium Locking Tuners to keep your setup solid, night after night.

The Larry Carlton Sire L7V is available for pre-order online at

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