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New Lesson: Comping Strategies And Techniques For Soloists, Part 2



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In part 2 of this lesson, guitarist and educator Davy Mooney continues to discuss his strategies and techniques to comp for soloists.

There are numerous demonstrations and insights, and he recommends specific recordings you can reference for great comping, including Herbie Hancock on the Miles Davis 1964 Concert “My Funny Valentine” and John Scofield on Joe Henderson’s “So Near So Far”.

Welcome to Advanced Improvisational Concepts by Davy Mooney professor of jazz guitar at the University of North Texas.

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Check out Davy’s new album on Sunnyside, “Davy Mooney and the Hope of Home Band Live at National Sawdust”.

Davy Mooney’s “Into the Labyrinth: An Anatomy of Position Playing for Jazz Guitar”

Davy’s Mel Bay book “Personalizing Jazz Vocabulary

Jazz Studies at UNT:

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