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The New Benedetto Centennial Sinfonietta



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In this exclusive video podcast, Benedetto’s Jackson Evans talks to Bob Bakert about the new Centennial Sinfonietta guitar – and about the 100th anniversary of the L-5 guitar.

The first mention of Lloyd Loar’s most significant creation, the L-5 model, 16″ archtop guitar, was in a price list published on April 15th, 1923. One hundred years later (almost to the day), we commemorate this pioneer’s achievement by offering a one-of-a-kind Sinfonietta model guitar, built in collaboration by Bob Benedetto and Damon Mailand, with additional assistance from the world-class team of luthiers at Benedetto Guitars.

This guitar will stand out to collectors as the instrument that brought Bob partially out of retirement and inspired him to build again on a very limited basis for what we are calling our Founder’s Series guitars. Made from the finest and rarest materials, the plates were carved, voiced, and braced by Bob while Damon handled the binding, detail work, and oversaw the application of a unique, wash-in Antiqueburst finish by Master Finisher, Larry Perkins.

For players, this guitar offers the ultimate expression of a 16″ acoustic archtop: Warm, full, punchy, and like all Benedettos, perfectly even across the fingerboard. It is rhythmically crisp and ideal for keeping time in a nod to its swing-era roots but offers sweet, and complex overtones that will satisfy even the most discerning finger pickers.

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