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New Album From Richard Andersson’s NOR Trio Featuring Hilmar Jensson



Upcoming album UNDO by Danish bassist Richard Andersson whose NOR trio is joined by Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson. 

Spending much of his time in collaboration with musicians from all around the world, standout Danish bassist Richard Andersson always finds time to make his way home to his trio, NOR. The ensemble is proud to present their latest exploration of the contemporary Nordic idiom, ‘UNDO’, set to release on May 12th on Hobby Horse Records.

Rooted in the black sands of the Nordic sound, ‘UNDO” is dark, tranquil, and bold. The record’s eight tracks see the quartet embracing the space that is synonymous with NOR’s identity, coloring it with tension-riddled complex tonalities, hypnotizing bass riffs, and lamenting melodies. The Frisell-esque vibrations of Jensson’s guitar open up a world of texture, uninhibited improvisations, and rich pools of harmony for the listener to soak in. 

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