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New Release From Violinist Tobie Medland, ‘The Aviary’



Medland’s new Gypsy Jazz release ‘The Aviary’ features Bim Williams on archtop guitar & Sol Grimshaw on rhythm guitar.

Known for his work on the gypsy jazz scene, Tobie Medland presents a refined, modern, Avante-Garde, and genre-spanning take on a style that rose to popularity almost 100 years ago. 

The Aviary (Future Fable Records, July 7th)

Rooted in a contemporary spin on gypsy jazz, the ensemble is influenced by 20th Century Classical composers Shostakovich, Debussy, and Bartok as well as the likes of Joe Pass, Django Rheinhardt, and Joe Henderson. Juxtaposing atonality, free improvisation, and darkness with jovial melodies, driving swung grooves, and bright harmony, their immersive world presents an undeniably fresh perspective on an underappreciated genre.

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