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New Interview With A Major Influence In The Atlanta Jazz Scene, Dr. Gordon Vernick



In this video podcast, JGT Editor Bob Bakert talks to professional trumpet player and jazz educator, Dr. Gordon Vernick.

Bob Bakert, Editor: As I see it, Dr. Gordon Vernick has done more for the Atlanta jazz scene than any other individual I know of.  Even though his influence has been spread all over the world through performances, masterclasses, and the like. Almost every player I know in Atlanta has either been through his program, taught in his program, has been taught by someone who went through his program, etc. The City of Atlanta jazz scene is permeated like the blue in blue jeans with Gordon’s jazz “progeny”… This man will be talked about for decades as the guy who did the most to sow and water the seeds of generations of jazz musicians… For a bio and resume go to is proud to bring you a conversation with Gordon Venick.

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