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John McLaughlin In Concert With Shakti



John McLaughlin is out with Shakti – a concert not to be missed! JGT’s Bob Bakert reports – photos by Ian Rawn.

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Bob Bakert, JGT Editor: I went to see Shakti on Friday night 8/25/23 at the Cobb Energy Center outside Atlanta and was completely spellbound by the energy and dare I say it, the love, that was coming off that stage. It was totally amazing.  I can’t remember enjoying a concert more.  Cobb Energy Center is a beautiful 2750-seat venue designed old school with great acoustics and sound as well as sight lines. The place was packed with and this surprised me, mostly Indian people. When John McLaughlin’s management told me about the popularity of Shakti worldwide I was somewhat surprised but not anymore. I don’t know if John’s electric groups are more popular.  I can see why, the group is five virtuosos playing selflessly with energy, authenticity, comprehensible complexity, and FUN, yes, FUN.

Shakti co-founders Zakir Hussain and John McLaughlin.

I won’t try to explain the music, I can’t, but, I will say that any band with John McLaughlin that has been around for 50 years with the core still together is a sonic soulful delight… The beauty is you don’t have to come prepared, your nonmusic/concert-going friends will totally enjoy this as will you. The layers are dense but translucent.

If they come close to you, get there – it will not happen again. Don’t miss the legend doing what he loves…

Zakir Hussain


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