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Epiphone Introduces The Joe Bonamassa 1963 SG Custom



Epiphone expands its partnership with guitarist Joe Bonamassa with the launch of the Joe Bonamassa 1963 SG Custom.

One of Joe Bonamassa’s prized acquisitions is a 1963 Gibson SG Custom with some unusual features, including a unique smoothly contoured neck heel joint and a Dark Wine Red finish to honor the original guitar’s Dark Cherry Red color, which was a rarity for that model and year. It features the same smooth neck joint contour, a Maestro Vibrola, classic SG Custom cosmetics, gold-plated hardware, and three powerful Epiphone ProBucker pickups. As a result, the new Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1963 SG Custom recreates the magic of this unique guitar. This new Epiphone 1963 SG Custom is a testament to Bonamassa’s unwavering commitment to the blues and its profound influence on his music.

The gold-plated Maestro Vibrola on the Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1963 SG Custom.

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