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Guitarist Sean McGowan Combines Different Elements And Influences To Create Something New



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In this exclusive interview, guitarist Sean McGowan talks to Jazz Guitar Today about his new album, “Portmanteau” and explains how he combined different elements and influences to create something new.

See the video interview above – or listen to the audio podcast below:

Jazz Guitar Today - September 2023

Sean McGowan is well-rounded as a musical artist and human being; however, it never overshadows his prodigious mastery of his chosen instrument. It’s all too easy to turn your focus away from his virtuosity and onto his academic achievements (his responsibilities as an educator, or his extensive instruction catalog at TruFire). Sometimes Academia and publishing can grab your attention away from the fact that Sean McGowan is a MONSTER PLAYER! Arrangements, Tone, and the all-important execution put Sean in a very elite field. 

Sean McGowan is so immersed and committed to his art that it is easy for me to just flat-out admire him so much for, well, everything.  It was an easy choice to put Sean on our cover this month. He checks all the boxes like very few others.  Ladies and gentlemen… Jazz Guitar Today is proud to present Sean McGowan DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts).

New Album “Portmanteau” – Out On Sept. 7, 2023!

Sean working on his latest project “Portmanteau” – out on Sept. 7, 2023.

10 Albums That Influenced My Approach To Solo Guitar

1)    Earl Klugh – Solo Guitar – When this first came out, I listened to it on cassette every night on my Walkman when I went to sleep. I couldn’t believe it was just one person playing all those parts – let alone with such impeccable tone, control, phrasing & feel, plus such captivating harmonies… More of Sean’s 10 Albums.

Sean McGowan’s Recent Recordings

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