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Ed Cherry, A Voice Of His Own



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JGT’s Bob Bakert talks to guitarist Ed Cherry about his years with Dizzy, his latest projects, and the current state of jazz guitar.

Bob Bakert, JGT Editor: Ed Cherry is on everyone’s short list of today’s contemporary influential players… His playing has such depth of emotion it makes you think his whole body is connected to his guitar.  In conversation he is humble but he knows he has a seat at the table of today’s most influential players – not by what he says but by what he doesn’t say.  I’m struggling to put into words the “voice” his instrument has but it’s prodigious, strong, powerful, and soulful.  

Ed plays with the emotions of singers like Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Greg Allman, and Frank Sinatra. But, that comes through his guitar in a class with the likes of Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, George Benson, Barney Kessell, and Kenny Burrell. Make no mistake, his voice is his own – definitely, his voice is his own!  We at Jazz Guitar Today proudly feature Ed Cherry on our cover this month.  

The last thing I’ll say is that if you were at the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival 2023 and heard Ed in one of his performances, then you know.  In the words of Jimi, you are “Experienced”!  Enjoy Ed Cherry…

Photo Credit: Steve Sussman

Watch the Video Podcast above – or listen to the Audio Podcast below:

Ed Cherry at the Silver Vines Winery during the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival 2023

Dizzy and band onstage in Argentina (circ. 1981)

Dizzy, Ed Cherry, and Mickey Roker..1978 leaving JFK for Ed’s 1st tour of Europe…

Ed’s latest US Release – Are We There Yet?

Ed Cherry on the Current State of Jazz Guitar

Ed Cherry’s European release, a trio recording with Darryl Hall and Gregory Hutchinson 

Ed Cherry – Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival 2023. Photo by Mike Oria

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