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Wolf Marshall Talks To JGT About His New Jazz Guitar Course



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In this Video Podcast, Wolf Marshall talks to JGT’s Bob Bakert about his new book, “Jazz Guitar Course – Mastering The Jazz Language” – a Hal Leonard Book.

Set for release in late November-early December 2023

Wolf Marshall – My course is a Hal Leonard book that is almost 300 pages long and contains over 600 audio examples, several of which are full-length tunes with improvised solos. It is the culmination of my over 25 years of teaching jazz guitar at the university and “street” levels as well as years of playing jazz gigs and concerts. It is the first and only course of its kind––approaching jazz as a language, pursuing the immersion system to develop intuition and solidifying that connection on the guitar in three key areas: Harmony, Melody, and Improvisation. My course presents an emphasis on listening, hearing, assimilating, and applying the idiomatic jazz vocabulary and along the way includes insights from Kenny Burrell, Pat Martino, Johnny Smith, Howard Roberts, Joe Pass, George Van Eps, Hank Garland, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessel, and many other jazz guitarists with whom I’ve worked, studied or interacted. Additionally, many of the phrases and concepts are underscored by transcriptions of the aforementioned as well as important sax players, trumpeters, pianists, etc. My personal contacts with players like Jimmy Heath and Benny Golson also inform several topics. Set for release in late November – early December 2023.

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