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New Vince Lewis Arrangement, Sergio Mendez’s “So Many Stars”



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Jazz guitarist Vince Lewis continues his JGT Arrangement Series with the bossa nova classic, “So Many Stars”

Written by Sergio Mendez, with lyrics by Marilyn and Alan Bergman, this tune was released in July of 1967. It was covered by numerous top vocalists such as Tony Bennett, Sarah Vaughn and Barbra Streisand.  A simple melody with very interesting harmonic movement, it is one of the most overlooked in recent years and definitely needs to be enjoyed for generations to come.  It charted at Number 2 in Jazz charts and in the top 5 of the Popular Music charts in 1967.

“So Many Stars”

Music by Sergio Mendez. Words by Marilyn and Alan Bergman

Guitar Arrangement by Vince Lewis

Vince Lewis Arrangement For Educational Purposes

For the arrangement PDF

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