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A Very Unique Conversation With Guitarist Stephane Wrembel



In this exclusive JGT video podcast, editor Bob Bakert talks to the amazing Stephane Wrembel.

Above Photo: Stephane Wrembel – Baltimore Creative Alliance – 02.21.20 Photo by Casey Vock

Stephane Wrembel is not just a guitarist; he’s a maestro who weaves a tapestry of sound that is distinctly his own. His virtuosity and an insatiable curiosity for musical exploration set him apart. Stephane’s compositions are intricate, often drawing from the rich traditions of Django Reinhardt’s gypsy jazz while seamlessly incorporating elements of contemporary jazz and classical music.

It is obvious from our conversation that Stephane has the ability to evoke emotion in his music and stories. His performances are a journey that captivates audiences throughout the world. Whether Stephane is playing in a small club or on a grand stage, his music transcends boundaries, inviting listeners to experience his unique musical universe. It was a pleasure to speak with him.

Please enjoy this very unique JGT conversation with Stephane Wrembel!

Check out the video podcast above – or the audio podcast below:

On how people are responding to your concerts around the world

“It’s been an amazing response. When someone comes to a concert, they want them to dream as we play the concert – we want to dream too. We own the instruments – we project – but it’s the same principle of dreaming. We dream our concerts and want people to dream our concerts too.”

Stephane Wrembel, 11/21/2019, Florence Gould Hall, New York, New York. photo William Farrington

Expressing your melodies

“It’s like there’s an underlying shape, and you trace it and it makes a sound, it’s a beautiful thing. You play with your ears. And it’s a wonderful feeling because we should not forget that music is something animal. It’s our fingers, it’s our ears, it’s our eyes, it’s our mind. All that is animal. We’re an animal. So when we play music, it’s the body. We respond to our natural, animalistic nature. It’s a wonderful thing. I don’t wanna be too Promethean and deny the fact that we’re animals. Being an animal and being part of the animal realm is a beautiful thing.”

Stephane Wrembel by Irene Ypenburg

On learning 17 solo guitar pieces from Django Reinhardt

“….to show people the magnificent mind of Django, his pure impressionist mind. And Django was a classical musician. He possessed the jazz, but he was also a classical musician. And when I say classical, I don’t mean a genre. I believe in general – classical means the laws of nature. You follow the laws of nature. So Django followed the laws of harmony, follows the laws of rhythm.”

Stephane Wrembel solo. Photo by Jason Elon Goodman


APRIL 30TH TO MAY 5, 2024

On composing and recording

“The way I compose…I embrace the process. I’m not trying to compose based on something. I compose based on a feeling. I feel a melody or a groove or something that wants to come. So I put it on, then we record it with the band, we mix and we master. Once it’s ready, then I listen to it. And with the help of it, I plunge within myself. In my depth, I know that song came from somewhere because I felt it, I gave birth to it. Now I go back and I find the one thing that it was born from – this is where I give the piece the title because I know now what the song is tied to.

Stephane Wrembel at Bandcamp

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