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New Release From Guitarist Randy Napoleon, The Door Is Open



Guitarist Randy Napoleon releases a new collection of tunes by the prolific jazz composer Gregg Hill.

Above group photo – Lynne Brown

Available February 23, 2024

The Lost Tune 7:34 
The Door is Open 6:28 
Escape to Cat Island 5:01 
Motel Blues 5:52 
Spa-Teneity 6:20 
April Song 7:35 
The Last Pop Tune 4:45 
Skyline 5:34 
Triple Play 4:10 

All music composed by Gregg Hill 
Arranged by Randy Napoleon 
(1) Lyrics by Randy Napoleon & Aubrey Johnson 
(4,8) Lyrics by Randy Napoleon

Randy Napoleon – guitar 
Aubrey Johnson – voice 
Rick Roe – piano 
Rodney Whitaker – bass (2,3,6,8,9) 
Lucas Lafave – bass (1,4,5,7) 
Quincy Davis – drums 
Anthony Stanco – trumpet (2,3,4,8,9) 
Walter Blanding – tenor saxophone (2,3,4,8,9) 
Andrew Kim – trombone (2,3,4,8,9)

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