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Austrian Jazz/Fusion Guitarist Gerald Gradwohl To Release New Album 



A “Who’s Who” in the present jazz-rock/fusion scene is the lineup for electric guitarist Gerald Gradwohl’s new album “…Or What?”

Gerald has worked with Kirk Covington since 2002, when they recorded the album “ABQ” with Bob Berg, and Gary Willis, making big waves in the fusion scene. The idea to make a mutual album with Adam and Kirk was given birth during the tour in 2014 and could now finally be realized this year. 

Austrian Jazz/Fusion Guitarist Gerald Gradwohl’s “… Or What?” May 3, 2024 

Modern recording techniques have made it possible to capture these exceptional musicians together on this album. A Jazz, Rock, and Funk gumbo combined to make an energetic, and exciting project, that not only showcases the amazing instrumental capabilities of these musicians, but also features the exceptional musicality, and the extraordinary chemistry that this band creates together.

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