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New Release From Daniel Sommer, “Nordic Trilogy” Featuring Guitarist Rob Luft



Norwegian bassist Arild Andersen forges promising relationships with two rising stars – Daniel Sommer (drums) and Rob Luft (guitar)

Led by Sommer, “Nordic Trilogy” signifies the first chapter of the drummer’s much-anticipated Nordic trilogy on April Records, aiming to capture and document Nordic improvisation and composition across three carefully curated ensembles.

A transcendent musical voyage, ‘As Time Passes’ blurs the lines of conventional trio roles, and celebrates the evolution of jazz as a fluid, versatile form of expression. By providing each musician the freedom of becoming a key contributor in the melodic discourse, the trio channels the spirit of jazz veterans such as the Bill Evans Trio and free-jazz ensemble Air, while echoing the sounds and innovations of pan-European contemporary jazz. 

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