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New Release From Veda Bartringer, Deep Space Adventure



Take a trip into cosmic space with guitarist and composer Veda Bartringer, who presents Deep Space Adventure on April 19. 

Joined by some of Luxembourg’s most acclaimed young musicians, this is not your usual guitar jazz album…

Deep Space Adventure available on April 19

Bartringer, in her own right, shows herself to be not only a gifted guitarist but also a creative and mindful composer and bandleader, leaving lots of space for her band members to shine. From a beautiful bass solo on Search For Light, the album’s first full-length track after opener Lift Off, Bartringer’s solo work doesn’t come to the fore until the third track on Deep Space Adventure, No Edge in the Sky. Providing lots of space for an atmospheric blend of contemporary jazz that takes the listener from launch into orbit, the group’s sophomore offering is structured the way a dream journey into astral territories would likely go. 

While Deep Space Adventure is not a typical jazz guitar record, the bandleader has found subtle ways to make her mark and set the tone throughout her compositions. There is a feminine sensitivity previously uncommon to the genre, perhaps best explained by her studies in lyrical singing and classical guitar and piano, encompassing many different directions and aspects of this journey around the cosmos. 

Veda Bartringer

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