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New Release From Stockholm Based Pianist/Composer Adam Forkelid



‘Turning Point’ stems from Forkelid’s sonic exploration of life’s inevitable changes – and features guitarist Carl Mörner Ringström.

Above photo: Fabian Rosenberg

Written across a month and recorded in a single day, the record showcases a poignant fusion of the piano and guitar – a collaborative interplay central to the record’s identity.  

Forkelid’s expansive palette of influence includes flavors borrowed from classical composers Satie and Chopin, Brazilian and Cuban rhythms, to Bill Frisell and Chick Corea. Blending the acoustic jazz idiom with hints of electricity and a distinctive Nordic touch infuses the album with soulful, albeit energetic allure self-described as ‘New Nordic Jazz’.

Joining the pianist are some of the most in-demand instrumentalists in Sweden; contemporary progressive guitar titan Carl Mörner Ringström (Marius Neset, David Binney), bassist Niklas Fernqvist, and drummer Daniel Fredriksson

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