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100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar



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100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar: Learn 100 Jazz Guitar Licks In The Style Of 20 of The World’s Greatest Players

100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar goes much further than other lick books. Rather than a cold list of licks with little explanation, this book contains an in-depth insight into the playing styles of the world’s most influential jazz guitarists. You won’t just copy licks parrot fashion – you’ll learn the concepts behind the licks and be able to incorporate these ideas into your everyday playing.

  • Learn to play in the style of the 20 greatest jazz guitarists
  • Master 5 defining guitar licks for each player
  • Combine and personalize vocabulary into your own unique style
  • Get creative and jam over the original backing tracks
  • Learn two complete classic jazz guitar solos and develop your own musical language
  • Discover extensive biographies and essential discographies for every player

Learn guitar licks in the style of:

Django Reinhardt | Charlie Christian | Herb Ellis | Tal Farlow | Johnny Smith | Wes Montgomery | Barney Kessel | Jimmy Raney | Joe Pass | Jim Hall | Kenny Burrell | Grant Green | Lenny Breau | John McLaughlin | George Benson | Pat Martino | Larry Carlton | John Scofield | Mike Stern | Pat Metheny

100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar

  • Are you struggling to learn the language of jazz guitar?
  • Do you want to combine jazz guitar licks into meaningful, personalized solos?
  • Do you need a complete theoretical and technical breakdown of jazz guitar soloing?
  • Do you want to develop a never-ending arsenal of authentic jazz guitar licks?

Along with extensive biographies, the musical style and language of 20 jazz guitar greats is discussed and analysed through five signature, “in the style of”, defining licks, which are broken down note by note.

Here’s What You Get:

  • 100 classic jazz guitar licks that teach the language of 20 guitar legends
  • Playing advice and a breakdown of every jazz guitar lick, from fingering to performance notes
  • Two solo studies that teach you to combine jazz licks into musical phrases, unique to your own musical voice
  • Backing tracks to make the music come alive while you develop your chops
  • Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio to download for free

Bonus One: Essential discography for every player

Bonus Two: Tips on phrasing, articulation and how to make each lick your own

Go Way Beyond “Traditional” Guitar Lick Books

100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar is different to other books on the market. You won’t just learn licks verbatim with no context. Instead, detailed insight is given into each line, explaining both the theory and technique. This means you will understand the concepts behind the licks and be able to absorb them into your own playing.
As well as discovering 100 musical jazz guitar licks, you will be able to master two complete guitar solos created from licks in the book – and you can practise them over the free accompanying backing tracks.

Free Audio Download!

Learning classic jazz guitar licks from paper is one thing, but once you hear how to apply them, they become music. 100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar contains over 100 supporting audio examples and 19 backing tracks to help you get inside the music and quickly apply each lick in any real musical situation.

Buy it now to bring the authentic language of classic jazz guitar legends into your playing.

100 Classic Jazz Licks for Guitar available at

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