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Jazz Guitar Today Introduces Community for Jazz Guitar Professionals and Enthusiasts



Jazz Guitar Today Introduces Community for Jazz Guitar Professionals and Enthusiasts…

Today, Tomorrow & Tradition

Jazz Guitar Today (JGT) launches online magazine and social media community for jazz guitar professionals and enthusiasts –

Developed by editor Bob Bakert, veteran publisher Joe Perry and a team of industry professionals, the new online brand will deliver the latest information, tips, lessons, videos, interviews, blogs and reviews from the world of jazz guitar.  As the name implies, Jazz Guitar Today will feature today’s latest artists.  However, there will be plenty of focus on the legendary guitarists of the past, as well as all the great players in-between.  In the first issues, renowned players Frank Vignola, Corey Christiansen, Jon Herington will be featured in articles, interviews, and video lessons.

Through their growing network of industry performing professionals, educators and passionate jazz guitar enthusiasts, Jazz Guitar Today will present what’s happening in the ‘jazz guitar’ scene today.

Each month Jazz Guitar Today online will spotlight a cover artist, article features, columns, product reviews and more. Weekly online features will include ‘Artist of the Week’, a Spotify ‘Playlist of the Week’ and Bob’s Blog – a discussion of all things jazz guitar.  The JGT website will integrate social media platforms, highlight popular jazz programs and offer a community events page.  With a goal to encourage community, will host an on-going video community page of jazz guitarists via Instagram.  In addition, a weekly newsletter will provide content so players can keep up with all the latest.

Product reviews by top jazz players will be a major emphasis for Jazz Guitar Today.  With the diversity of today’s jazz music, the JGT contributors will evaluate the expanding number of guitars, amps, pedals, and other products.  Reviews will be presented in both text and video formats.

Regardless if content is online, social, newsletter or other – each media platform will have a unique perspective and distinctive audience.   So to stay informed or to be involved, sign up for all.  And there are no subscription costs for any of the content.   

Welcome to Jazz Guitar Today!

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About Editor Bob Bakert

Bob owned and managed a successful pro audio/MI manufacturer rep firm for over 30 years.  He studied guitar with many prestigious teachers including NY studio legend Andy Roemer.  Bob has performed professionally for over 20 years with improvisation always being at the heart of his style.  As with many in the Jazz Guitar Today audience, Bob has an insatiable appetite for guitar and a desire to share his love of the instrument.

About Jazz Guitar Today

Jazz Guitar Today in an online magazine and social media community for jazz guitar professionals and enthusiasts.  Jazz Guitar Today is brought to you by the same publisher as, serving the bass community since 2007.

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