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Bob Bakert, Editor

Bob Bakert, Editor

Bob Bakert’s love of all things guitar started when he was twelve years old. While starting with folk tunes and top 40 music of the day, his interest developed over the years to R&B, rock and of course, jazz. Bob has studied many styles of guitar but improvisation has always been at the heart of his style. He has studied with many prestigious teachers including NY studio legend Andy Roemer and GSU’s Dave Frackenpohl. In addition to co-founding the Frank Hamilton School of Folk music in Atlanta, Bob has mentored several venues and concert series. He is currently on the board of directors for one of Billboard Magazines “Best Jazz Clubs”, The Velvet Note in Alpharetta, GA. More recently, Bob was the “Rudder” at Eastman Stringed Instruments – providing guidance on a variety of sales, product development and artist relations projects. As with many in the Jazz Guitar Today audience, Bob has an insatiable appetite for guitar and a desire to share his love of the instrument.

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