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Let’s Talk About Guitar Strings



There seems to be a lot of talk on the internet about ‘guitar strings’ these days…

…gauges, alloys, feel, tone, manufacturers, etc.  For example, I’ve read a lot about heavier gauges being better for producing more tone.  OK… How do you explain Billy Gibbons using 7’s?  (of course, referring to the gauge of the high E string)  My own opinion – you need to experiment with the strings until you find the set that allows you to express yourself with your technique, as well as the way you want to communicate your sound as you hear it in your head.

If you have average strength in your fingers and you want to do double stop bends on a Tele or the ever popular minor third bends, you are probably going to find it tough if you are using 13’s.  I know there are a lot of players who can – but most of us are going to find that to be difficult.  If you are playing bebop at quiet levels, 9’s might not give you the “ballistics” you need.  At any rate, to help us get a better understanding on the subject, we have asked our friends at the D’addario to help us with an upcoming article addressing strings, alloys, gauges, feel, and other factors.  I know I would like to know more.

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