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Teach Yourself… Rhythm Jazz Guitar: A Player’s Guide

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Teach Yourself… Rhythm Jazz Guitar: A Player’s Guide

Rhythm Jazz Guitar guides you as you learn the basics of playing jazz chords. This book is for student and experienced guitarists who want to move into the realm of jazz accompaniment. You learn a basic repertoire of chord sequences that employ colorful, or hip, voicings. The sequences use chord fingerings that are easy to play, with each chord in comfortable proximity on the fretboard to the previous and next ones.

You learn to translate those cryptic chord symbols you see on sheet music and big band charts into easily-fingered chords that involve no extreme hand stretches, sound good, and fit into the harmonic context of the tune you’re playing. With the knowledge you learn in this book and a disciplined regimen of practice, you will be equipped with skills and tools that not only allow you to sit in at informal jam sessions but to expand your knowledge into the more advanced realms of jazz guitar playing.

Teach Yourself… Rhythm Jazz Guitar: A Player’s Guide available at

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