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Lollar Pickups: Interview with Guitar Pickup Master Jason Lollar



I talk with Jason Lollar of Lollar Pickups, where I get to ask the questions many on the forums have been discussing…

A while back I was searching for a guitar tone and feel.  I tried several boutique amps and pedals and had varying degrees of success finding close to what I was looking for but still not really.  A guitar aficionado/geek friend suggested that I try experimenting by changing out pickups which I was very reluctant to do.  I always wanted to keep my guitars stock to preserve value I guess.  Regardless, I finally made the plunge and after trying a myriad of great choices I settled on Lollar for this particular guitar.  I was and continue to be very happy with my choice and at least four of my guitars are now Lollar equipped.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was working for a guitar company and one of my tasks was to help upgrade the product.  When it came to pickup choices for electrics we settled in on two primary brands, one of them being Lollar.  I subsequently worked very closely with the company on a variety of projects.  I found the man at the top Jason Lollar was totally committed.  His products delivered incredibly and quality control, fit, finish and most importantly sound were consistent and top notch.  So it’s an honor and a pleasure to sit down with him for this interview…

And for a great Lollar Humbucker Pickup Comparison – check out this video:

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