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Album Spotlight: John Scofield – Hudson



John Scofield has been breaking new ground since the 70s’.

He has played with Miles Davis, George Duke, Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock and dozens of other luminaries. John is always moving musically into unexpected interesting places.

One of the first guys in jazz to adopt a “thin line” (Ibanez signature model) and to use a very innovative tone for jazz, distortion, courtesy of a ProCo Rat pedal.  John’s sound and often understated playing has always been compelling and has garnered him as a major influence with most guitar players I know.  He’s Berklee trained and entrenched in the worlds of bebop, jazz fusion, blues, and funk.  Lately he has been paying honor to what I will call American musical heritage… His record “Hudson” draws from the Hudson Valley and the amazing artist that had settled there or made contribution as a result of their time in that very sacred area.

John at 67 is just getting started it seems.  He and his band it seems are always touring, with well more than 100 dates a year.  He also has been very prolific with recording projects, “Country for Old Men” in 2016, “Hudson” from 2017 and “Combo 66” from 2018.

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