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Bonus Video: Frank Vignola Chord Melody Etudes



Frank Vignola Chord Melody Etudes

Once again, our friends at TrueFire are providing some great Frank Vignola video content!

“In this edition of Essentials: Chord Melody Etudes, my goal is to give you a foundation to build on with eight chord melody etudes covering a range of keys and approaches.” –  Frank Vignola

Chord melody is not only a requisite skill for jazz guitarists, but it’s also some of the most gratifying and enjoyable music that you can make all by yourself with your favorite instrument.  Below videos courtesy of Frank and TrueFire.

Link to Frank Vignola’s Essentials: Chord Melody Etude course

The Introduction to Chord Melody Etudes

Tranquility – Overview

Tranquility – Performance

Tranquility – The Breakdown

Check out more great lessons at

And check out the full article on Frank Vignola!

Photo credit (top photo) – Ray Taggart

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