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Bonus Video: Frank Vignola’s Jazz Rhythms You MUST Know



Jazz Guitar Rhythms You MUST Know

The below bonus videos are from Frank Vignola’s 30 Jazz Rhythms You MUST Know.  Hope you enjoy the lessons we picked.  Courtesy of Frank and our friends at TrueFire!

The video series will not only expand your jazz rhythm vocabulary and technique, you’ll also learn how to craft your own rhythm parts and comping patterns for virtually any style of jazz that you will encounter from Latin jazz to bebop, blues, and swing.

What Rhythms?  An Introduction

#9…#9…#9…Voice Leading Blues – Jazz Rhythm

Miles’ Fourths – Jazz Rhythm

Walking Minor with Walking Bass – Jazz Rhythm

Jazz Bossa – Jazz Rhythm

Link to the full course

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Photo credit (top photo) – Ray Taggart

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