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Americana Custom from Benedetto Guitars



Benedetto Guitar’s Master Luthier, Damon Mailand, built this one-of-a-kind stunner with the intention of showing it at the inaugural Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival in Denver this past September. But…

We all know you can’t rush lacquer so unfortunately, it wasn’t ready in time for the show.  According to Mailand, “Bob started making these three-piece, arc-joined backs years ago, and I’ve always liked the aesthetic.  I added the thin maple strips to highlight the design, and tie in with the natural maple binding package.  At first glance, you’ll notice the rich, caramel shade of the neck, back, and sides.  This is the result of a roasting, or torrefaction process.  This also removes moisture from the wood and crystalizes the natural resins, resulting in a very stable instrument.  Many say torrefied woods also have a “vintage” tone right out of the gate.”  

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The Americana model is a 17” x 3”, fully carved archtop with a built-in pickup and a signature inlay design on the headstock. The most obvious custom feature is the three-piece, roasted maple back (flamed/birdseye/flamed) with flamed maple purfling. Additional details are matching roasted maple sides, flame maple binding, and a roasted birdseye overlay on the back of the headstock.  

Photos by Stephanie Ward. 

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