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More Photos from the ‘Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival’



Jazz Guitar Today takes another look at the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival.

This past September, Peter Henriksen coordinated the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival (RMAF) for the ‘Jazz Guitar’ community in the small town of Arvada, Colorado. What looks to be an annual event, Henriksen and team are looking forward to hosting the 2020 festival September 11th – 13th. There will be even more guitars (still exclusively archtops) more clinics and workshops, and more music!

Below you will find a sample of the incredible guitars, clinics, performances, and jams from the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival. Open to the public – don’t miss it in 2020!

Sean McGowan on the Henriksen stage

“I had a great experience at the RMAF! Peter Henriksen did such a fine job, I literally can’t believe this was the first one that he produced. Quality show from top to bottom with world-class luthiers and players all in one place. Old Town Arvada is as cool as can be, friendly and welcoming people, with great restaurants. Terrific performances, workshops and even a few impromptu jam sessions, what’s not to love? Can’t wait until next year.” Steve Herberman, jazz guitarist

Adam Miller on the Henriksen stage

More photos from the event.

Check out some of the jams…

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