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Welcome to the First ‘Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival’



This past September, Peter Henriksen coordinated a unique event for the ‘Jazz Guitar’ community in the small town of Arvada, Colorado. The first Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival was a tremendous success!

Peter Henriksen, Henriksen Amplifiers on the first Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival: “When I first thought about inviting some of our luthier friends to Denver to have an archtop-only guitar show, I figured we could get maybe a dozen people to bring a couple of guitars and host the show at our warehouse. The response to the idea was so overwhelming, both in number and enthusiasm on the part of the luthier community, that I knew I was on to an idea whose time had truly come.

It took a lot of work in a short period of time, but the festival came together and by all measures was a spectacular success, way beyond my expectations. Every attendee came away with a fantastic experience, and to my knowledge, all of the vendors and musicians who attended are planning on returning next year. We are looking forward to hosting the 2020 festival September 11th – 13th, we will have even more guitars (still exclusively archtops) more clinics and workshops, and more music!”

Below you will find a sample of the incredible guitars, clinics, performances, and jams from the Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival. More photos to come. And we hope to see you there next year!

Jazz guitar legend Jimmy Bruno on the Henriksen Amplifiers stage at Kline’s Beer Hall  

Check out some of the jams…

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