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JGT Masterworks: Comins Guitar’s “Zelig” Model



The Rocky Mountain Archtop Show in Arvada, Colorado was resplendent with amazing instruments. Bill Comins Guitar’s Zelig model caught my eye…

For a guy like me, it was like Christmas. Everywhere I looked there were really fine creations that sounded as good or better than they looked.  One guitar stood out as different and very compelling was the Comins Guitar’s “Zelig” model commissioned by Robert Berger.  The guitar plays and feels somewhat between an arch-top and a flattop.  This allows for guys like me who sing and play to have the flat top vibe with the playability of the archtop.  I really enjoyed this instrument. Below is a little bit about the guitar – with some great images, Enjoy

Feature image above: 16″ cutaway body shape, Steve Andersen inspired contrasting fingerboard and pickguard woods (Ebony and Cocobolo) divided by fine purfling arc motif.

This hybrid instrument features a Carpathian Spruce carved top and a flamed Honduran Mahogany flat back with matching sides and neck.  The model was conceived and designed to straddle the arched top and flat top guitar worlds and employs a nontraditional modeling of the carved top to this end. The “slope rim” refers to the fact that the bottom perimeter of the carved top elevates as it joins the sides from the upper bout to the lower bout regions. This unique method of arch modeling allows for a flatter arch in the lower bout region of the top, helping to facilitate a fuller sounding bottom end while retaining much of the upper register roundness and separation associated with archtop guitars.

Images from the shop:

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