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Andreas Varady​: New Projects and New Directions



Andreas Varady shares his thoughts about a new musical direction with Jazz Guitar Today.

JGT:   OK, what’s new with Andreas Varady?

I am working on my new album and just on career related things. Some new projects for next year too. Its been a bit different since I work more independently now.. leaving QJP around year ago. So I am looking forward to putting together my new team and ready for a fresh start. 

JGT:   Tell us about you your new musical direction and new projects

My wew direction is honestly a bunch of different things. I am still working a lot on my jazz music and my compositions for the jazz album but also I have another completely different project in mind with more electronic and some hip-hop vibes too. Honestly, it’s more of just my mix of music.

JGT:   What musicians are you currently working with?

I am right now in talks with some people but recently I did a gig and we are working on more things with Conor Chaplin (bass player from the UK) and Marc Michelle on drums. Other than that some gigs with my brother as well but I have some other people in mind for a project that could be exciting for next year. 

Andreas Varady​

JGT:   Comments on your new Benedetto guitar?

The new guitar is awesome. Benedetto always makes amazing guitars every time. I decided to go with a more classic type look with this one but it’s myfavorite one so far. Sound is amazing as usual. 

For more on Andreas’s guitar.

JGT:   What do you want people to know about you at this stage of your career?

I am just trying to make my own music and release it while working on my other sides of music too. I don’t really think of what people would think of me. Most important for me, I just want people to enjoy my music – and to have another exciting artist or album to add to what they listen to. 

Andreas Varady, Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour performing “Stolen Moments” at the 47th Montreux.

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