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Missing Playing Out



JGT editor and guitarist Bob Bakert misses the audiences and his many musician friends during this challenging time.

As the editor of Jazz Guitar Today, I take great pride in getting out weekly and playing in front of live audiences.  I was a professional musician for over 15 years and I just love to perform.  My weekly gigs give me a good reason to practice, keep my chops up, and a chance to work on new tunes to play each week.  I love it!  Since I do not rely on the gigs to make my living, the initial effect of being “shut down” was an annoyance but I felt it was necessary for the common good. Not to mention to protect my health.  

BUT!!!!!!! It’s finally getting to me…

I haven’t played in front of a live audience in months.  In addition to working on interviews and articles for JGT to burn off the energy/angst, I have been hiking and biking (the gym is closed). This is great but I really miss the audiences and all my musician friends… The hikes and rides and walking Zac in the woods will have to do for now. Oh yea, and the hours each day I spend with my guitar.

I love my dog Zac and he is a great comfort, but I really miss “you guys”…!

Missing Playing out

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