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My Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums – Corey Christiansen



Jazz Guitar Today reached out to players to ask the question, “What albums influenced you and your playing style?”

Corey Christiansen is recognized as one of the preeminent jazz guitarists in the world. A performer and an educator, he is the author of “In the Style of” jazz luminaries series and serves as Director of Guitar Studies at Utah State University. Corey provided a list of his Top 10 albums (guitar and other) that influenced him. Top photo credit – Mark Sheldon

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Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums #1

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue: This is the album that made us want to really understand jazz. I know it’s cliché to list this album, but it is what it is.

Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums #2

McCoy Tyner – The Real McCoy: This album exemplifies what jazz is to me. Everyone (McCoy Tyner, Joe Henderson, Ron Carter, and Elvin Jones), playing with complete mastery and complete freedom. 

Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums #3

Pat Metheny – Question and Answer: Pat Metheny playing at the top of his game. Ron Haynes bringing fire. What else is there to say.

Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums #4

Pat Metheny – Trio Live 99-00: Pat Metheny with Larry Grenadier and Bill Stuart. Question and Answer is my favorite track, though everything is simply amazing on this trio outing.

Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums Continued

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