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My Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums – Corey Christiansen



Bill Frisell – Gone Just Like a Train: Bill Frisell with Victor Krauss and Jim Keltner. The recording quality of this album is second to none. Bill conquers both electric and acoustic guitars on this amazing album.

Vic Juris – Second Look: I love this album because Vic really does some amazing things here with his long-time cohorts, Jay Anderson on bass and Tim Horner on drums, and a special appearance on a few tracks by David Liebman. I love this album by the merits of it’s music but also because I was privileged to co-produce this album with Vic. If you haven’t checked this one out, please do. You won’t be disappointed. 

Miles Davis – In a Silent Way: This album had a profound influence on me and really was one of the albums that inspired me to take the directions I have with my music over the last 10 years. It was recorded in the 60s and still sounds fresh and brand new to this day.

John Scofield – Hand Jive: The whole band is amazing on this record. Great vibe and Eddie Harris is simply playing some of the best saxophone of his life. With Bill Stewart and Larry Goldings and Dennis Irwin… wow. Just wow.

Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums Continued

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