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Chromatic Movable Shapes – What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know



Giuseppe Continenza provides a quick lesson with a technique that Pat Metheny uses in his phrasing. Jazz Guitar Today welcomes Giuseppe!

Welcome to my first lesson in Jazz Guitar Today! The lesson is about Chromatic Movable Shapes with a target on the G string. Pat Metheny uses it as part of his phrasing. This method is just a way to make music more interesting and smooth. In Example 1, the C Major Scale starts from A on the G string – from this point, we will develop into Example 2, which consists of the use of octave displacement. The result is a very unique sound and at the same time fluid and smooth.

In Example 2, I use it diatonically – while in Example 3, I use it chromatically. Remember the secret is to keep the note on the G string as the main one so when you improvise, try to stop on a good note on the G string.

Giuseppe Continenza – See you next lesson!!

Ex. 1 (C Major Scale starting from A, played on the G string)

Chromatic Movable Shapes #1

Ex. 2 (C Major Scale with Octave displacement)

Ex. 3 (C Major Scale with Octave displacement & chromatic passing tones)

Again, Jazz Guitar Today welcomes Giuseppe Continenza! Stay tuned for more Giuseppe lessons.

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