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Rodney Jones: The Art of Jazz & The Craft of Guitar



The Blues can mean many things. This is an exploration of the blues with modern jazz vocabulary while swinging hard. For information on jazz guitar lessons and the Jazz Guitar Scholars program.

Rodney Jones’s Courses:

How to Play Jazz Guitar – An A-Z going from beginner to intermediate. Over 24 hours of video and more than a hundred pages of instruction. It is the summary of what I have learned, and seen, as a guitar teacher for more than 40 years.

Picking Masterclass  – Exactly what is says. I cover different styles of picking, the pros, and cons. I offer a template and tools that any guitarist can use to resolve their picking issues.

The Master Keys of Funk Guitar – In this course I share the secrets and lessons that I have learned playing with James Brown, Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Maceo Parker, and so many others.

The Five Master Keys to Playing Jazz Guitar 
 – A short concise guide to making rapid improvement. It is a quick study with lots of depth.

The Blues – A Different Look, A Different Sound 
– This course offers a window and practice to expand your blues vocabulary. You learn how to make the blues modern while still retaining the essence, and heart of the blues.

Advanced Blues 2.0 
– Another look at the Blues. Going deep and expanding outward. Students who have taken this course notice an immediate shift in what they hear, and what they play.

Launching soon:      

Tune World – An in-depth exploration of popular standards. Learn the “good” changes, the “Hip” arrangements, and new solo ideas for those tunes that everyone plays.

How To Play Jazz Guitar in the Modern World – Learn the hippest, and most modern sounds used today. Expand your musical vocabulary and improve your time and feel.

For information about these courses and other programs offered go to Rodney Jones – or search for them on Facebook. 

Rodney Jones’s “The Guitar Hip Lines Book” published by Mel Bay in May of 2020.

The Hip Guitar Lines book is a window and a gateway into learning and applying advanced jazz vocabulary on the guitar. It is intended to be a resource a jazz guitarist of any level can use to take another step. Each line is laid out clearly with its application and TAB fingering.

Rodney continues to teach online to students around the world – check out his courses on Facebook and the new Zoom course starting in June 2020.

Jazz Guitar Today thanks Rodney, the people at Mel Bay, and Benedetto Guitars for their help with this article.

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