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Minor Blues Chords Substitution Ideas



Jazz guitarist Giuseppe Continenza provides a lesson with some great minor blues chords substitution ideas.

Welcome to my new lesson with Jazz Guitar Today! This time we’ll talk about Minor Blues. This wonderful 12 bars progressionhas been the object of many compositions. Every artist tries to give an original interpretation of the Minor Bluesusing harmonics knowledge and personal taste in order to give a personal view.

In the three following examples, I will start using the traditional Minor Blues progression (Example 1) and try todevelop harmonic substitutions and extensions.First, start to listen as many Minor Blues as possible, take for example Equinox, Mr. P.C., Blue Train, Israel,Birk’s Works, Stolen Moments, etc. and then start to learn the melodies of some of them.

Minor Blues Chords Substitution #1

In Example 2, let’s start to make harmony a bit fancier and sophisticated, above you can see the original chords ofthe Minor Blues progression while below you’ll get all the substitutions and extensions. This way to playand substitute chords allows you to play more pianist harmonics solutions in the style ofMcCoy Tyner, Bill Evans, and Chick Corea.

Minor Blues Chords Substitution #2

In Example 3, I applied the same principles as before but I added some chords that come directly from thediminished harmony giving it a modern jazz sound.Be patient and the result will come.

Minor Blues Chords Substitution #3

Good luck!!!

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