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Chuck Anderson: New Album Release, Dominos



Jazz guitarist and composer Chuck Anderson performs a dozen new originals with bassist Eric Schreiber and drummer Ed Rick – Available October 2020

Chuck Anderson: Dominos features 12 original tunes written for the Trio. My song titles come from images and feelings – not stories. Since I work in the instrumental field, there are no lyrics to tell the audience what each song is about. Each title comes to me like a flash of inspiration – not a well-conceived name. I hope that listeners will hear something in each song that touches them on some level.

The songs on this recording run the gamut from up-tempo swing, to waltz, to bossa, to samba, to jazz waltz, to ballad, to blues. 

Jazz in the United States continues to struggle to find audiences. There has been so much emphasis on dance, lighting effects, and production that it has pushed out everything else that presents music in a simple, direct way. This can be said of all the arts.

Classical music has always received the bulk of charitable support. This support allows performances to be less concerned with the “House”. I find it amazing that this country will support music which is traditionally European while it ignores Jazz which is quintessentially American.

There will always be musicians who write and perform jazz regardless of the support they receive.

As things change in this country, I hope that there will someday be a shift in the culture that will lead to an appreciation of the art of jazz as a pure form of creative, artistic expression.

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