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Reincarnated: New Release from Acoustic Guitarist Hazar with Special Guest Al Di Meola



On ‘Reincarnated’, Hazar interacts with the masterful guitarist Al Di Meola, percussionist Mehmet Katay, pianist Mike Roelos, and bass clarinetist Pitor Torunski.

Release Date: August 28, 2020

The set begins with “Made For Wesley” which has a melody a little reminiscent of the opening theme of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “No More Blues.” Here, as throughout the set, no matter how heated Hazar’s playing becomes or how speedy his runs, he always keeps the melody in mind. On Chick Corea’s “Spain,” his playing is accompanied by Di Meola who plays the cajon, a percussion instrument. “Bossa Dorado” is a highly appealing melody that is both a bossa-nova and a creative jazz piece. Hazar sounds relaxed throughout, even when he is playing rapid lines. 

Acoustic Guitarist Hazar

A charming revival of “Black Orpheus” (with fine piano playing from Roelos), an energetic version of Bireli Lagrene’s jazz waltz “Made In France,” a fresh rendition of “Summertime,” and the Brazilian-flavored melody “For Sephora” display Hazar’s virtuosity and creative abilities. Reincarnated concludes with a dazzling version of Charlie Parker’s “Donna Lee” and a quietly emotional solo showcase for the guitarist on “Le Vieux Tzigane.

Hazar, who grew up in Germany, spent years dealing with the saz, a three-stringed long-necked lute, microtonal music, and polyrhythms, inspired by Pace de Lucia. Hazar blended together Eastern and Western music on his instrument and recorded his highly-rated Virtuoso album in which he surprised string instrument experts by playing Niccolo Paganini’s “Caprices” on three strings. Following the advice of John McLaughlin, he then took up the acoustic guitar.

Musicians: Al Di Meola – guitar, cajon (Spain), Piotr Torunski – bass clarinet, Mike Roelofs – piano, Mehmet Katay – percussion 

Producer: HAZAR

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