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Giuseppe Continenza Lesson on Intervals



Jazz guitarist Giuseppe Continenza provides a valuable lesson on intervals using 7 examples, covering all the 7 positions of the guitar.

Intervallic playing has always attracted jazz musicians for giving to music elegance and modern shapes. Piano and sax players have always use intervals in a very creative way making improvisation and writing melodies. In the jazz guitar world, a great contribution has been made by Joe Diorio who has created his own individual style using them in his music.

In this lesson, I will start by talking about how to make 5th intervals sound more musical. Intervals because of their parallel motion usually sound too mechanical, creating a design by providing a more natural shape and contour. I wrote 7 examples in the C major diatonic key, covering all the 7 positions of the guitar.

Try to learn them very slowly because intervals are very complex to manage for the difficulties of the fingerings.

Giuseppe Continenza Lesson
Giuseppe Continenza Lesson #2

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