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JGT Interview: Maestro JoAnn Falletta on Guitar and Conducting



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Musical director, conductor, and guitarist, JoAnn Falletta breaks down barriers with sheer drive, determination, and will. Video interview.

JoAnn Falletta
JoAnn Falletta

Bob Bakert, Editor of Jazz Guitar Today: JoAnn Falletta has been musical director and conductor of The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra for over 20 years… Not only did she become only one of a few women to hold such a position – but what is significant and important to Jazz Guitar Today readers is that she is an accomplished performing guitarist.

Many of you know about the rarefied air of philharmonic orchestras. There are only about 115 fully funded orchestras in the US, less than PGA tour professionals. It takes an incredible person with spectacular talent and drive to rise to music director/conductor at a major Orchestra. Joann was selected by an esteemed classical music magazine “The Worlds Favorite Conductor”.  In addition to these accomplishments, JoAnn has won a grammy with Ken Fuchs and the London Symphony and guitarist DJ Sparr for their 2019 recording “Glacier” which is a symphony composed by Fuchs for Orchestra and Electric Guitar… We are truly honored to have Maestro JoAnn Falletta in JGT…!!!

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